V3-Phone Provision

V3-Phone Provision

1.Phone Provisioning with Quick Register Code
Quick Register Code is a randomly generate 3-digit number for extension number quick configuration on ZYCOO CooFone H81/H81P and H83
To ensure quick register code works please first disable PNP from the Telephony -> Extensions -> Phone Provisioning page. Then connect the ZYCOO CooFone H81/H81P and H83 IP phones to the same LAN as the IPPBX system(VLAN you can not be able to  use,cause we use muticast,unless you can config your VLAN switch)
When the phone started up you’ll see on the phone screen “Auto Provision” notice displayed
H81/H81P quick register code provision screen

H83 quick register code provision screen

Now you press View button and enter a Quick Register Code of a desired extension number and press Start

Once Start pressed, it will go back to the default phone screen, and the phone will start to download configurations from the IPPBX system in the background, it will take 10 to 20 seconds, then the phones will reboot, after rebooting the phones will then be configured and ready for phone calls
Quick Register Code is only used to configure only one extension number on the CooFone H81/H81P and H83 IP phones. DSS keys are also unable to be configured

2. Phone Provisioning with PNP
(1).path:Telephony -> Extensions -> Phone Provisioning
(2). Enable PNP and click on button to discover phones that have connected in the same LAN((VLAN you can not be able to  use,cause we use muticast,unless you can config your VLAN switch)

The discovered IP phones will be listed here for configurations. Click on the buttonto configure a phone
Take H83 for example, there are 4 lines available to be configured

Set only one extension on Line1 or more on other lines per the users’ requirements. If it’s the operator or the secretary's phone BLF might also need to be configured. There’re 7 keys on H83 at both sides of the phone screen that could be used as line keys and BLF keys. The eighth key is used for page switching. You may virtually switch 4 pages so you’ll get 28 keys for line and BLF in total
By default the first 4 keys on the first “page” are line keys, if there’s only one extension configured on this H83 you may not need any line keys to select lines you can configure the 28 keys as BLF keys. If you have configured 2 or more extensions on this H83 just configure the same number of line keys and other keys can be configured as BLF keys

In the above example, the H83 IP phone had line1 with extension 191 and line2 with 192 configured. The first 2 DSS keys had been configured as line key. The third,
fourth and fifth DSS keys had been configured as BLF keys and monitored 3 extensions’ status on line1.
For more detailed configurations of the H83 IP phone DSS keys please refer to the IP phone user manual
Besides ZYCOO IP phones, the PNP provisioning feature also supports Grandstream, Yealink, Escene, AkuVox, Htek, Cisco, MOCET, Fanvil and Snom IP phones. For these phones advanced configuration is not available

Zycoo Support Team