U20-U50 Reinstall System

            If you system is damage and you have to redo system.so pls follow next step
            1.About v1 ,pls download the v1 image
            2.About v2,pls download v2 image
            3.Notice:pls dont use v1 install v2 image cause it is different hardware .

            you can find the SD card inside of the device,picture in below


            Reinstallation of Coovox v1&v2from a Windows flatform

            Notice: DONT format the SD card on windows computer,just follow below steps,

            1. Download image from below options:

            2. DownloadWin32 Disk Imager to WRITE the Image to your SD card.

            install the tool at first;then decompress our image file as the picture


            3. Run Win32DiskImagerto install the image ,Wait for about10 minutes as it WRITE image to SDcard.

            4. Once the WRITE is SUCCESSFUL, remove SD card from your PC and  transfer to PBX.

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            Updated: 15 Jul 2018 11:12 AM
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