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            console cable connection as the picture

            1.extract 1.0.8.zip to your desktop and USB flash directly,then insert the usb flash to the UC520

            connect the network cable from LAN of UC520 to your computer or network switch

            2.connect your serial cable to UC520, you can use putty to log in
            57600 8 n 1

            3.press 4 to log in uboot mode  and also open the tftpd32.exe

            4. set ipaddr
               set serverip
               set restoreenabled 1
               nand clean
               nand init
               nand erase 0 F2E0000
               tftp 1000000 root_uImage.822                  (you can find the file length ,it is hex)
               nand write 0 1000000 ${filesize};save;re     (upload image,filesize is value from last step)

            it needs sometime to complete,and if you have any query ,we can work together.

            Updated: 24 Jul 2018 11:33 AM
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